Slave training with chastity and humiliation

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Added on: 25-03-2023. Uploaded by: Anonymous
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In this femdom porn video, a dominant woman uses chastity and humiliation to train her slave, who is forced to orgasm denial while also being subjected to other forms of pain.

The video features a dominant woman who is training her slave with chastity and humiliation. She starts by giving him a handjob, which turns into a chastity denial and orgasm denial. The submissive man is made to wear a collar and beg for more from his mistress. The woman then proceeds to give him a chastity handjob, which leads to the slave being forced to suck on her own feet and toes. The femdom in charge uses her hands and mouth to make the slave submit to her every command. The slave's orgasm is intense and the femdom uses her voice to express their pain and pleasure. The video ends with the slave being forced to orgasm again and again, leaving them both exhausted and satisfied. This is a must-see video for anyone who loves BDSM, femdoms, orgasmic torture, orgasm release, slave training, and femdoms.

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